Breeding services

Photo Courtesy: Victoria J. Tedesco

Photo Courtesy: Victoria J. Tedesco


The breeding industry can be an overwhelming and hard to navigate place, especially if you are new to the thoroughbred industry. It is our goal to help guide owners through finding the right mare, to picking a stallion, to making all of the necessary arrangements. We are here to help and be a resource for our clients. It is important for us to find a stallion that will fit your mare, your budget, and what you are wanting to breed for, whether you’re breeding to race, or for the commercial market.

With our pedigree analysis we offer an inside look at your mare and the stallion she will cross best with and why. Each stallion line has certain lines that they cross best with, just as each female in the pedigree has certain lines that she crosses best with. This is an extremely important part of picking a stallion for your mare. Our goal is to help you breed a foal that will eventually make it to the winners circle.

We will also happily make the necessary arrangements once you have picked out the stallion you want to breed to. Our first priority is to get your mare booked to the chosen stallion, with the best deal on the stallions’ season we can find. Our goal is to have happy clients and stud farms.